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Lithium battery recycling machine


Lithium battery recycling machine

Lithium battery recycling machine

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Lithium battery recycling machine is professionally to recycle waste lithium battery to separate metals like copper and aluminum out for profit. As it has much recycling value and the cost of lithium battery recycling is low, this lithium battery recycling business is getting more and more welcome now.

lithium battery recycling machine Lithium battery recycling machine

As we know, the lithium battery waste is common in people's life, like cylindrical lithium battery, mobile phone lithium battery or computer lithium battery…Most of the electronic toys have this kind of batteries too. So with the development of people’s life, the quantity of these waste lithium battery produced is becoming larger. If directly discarding these waste lithium battery will not only produce a lot of pollution to the environment and human health, but also it can cause useful resources loss. So more and more people begin to find ways to recycle the waste lithium battery, and now lithium battery recycling machine has attracted more and more people’s interest accordingly.

Lithium battery recycling machineWaste lithium batteries

Then how about the lithium battery recycling machine working to recycle these lithium battery? For the working process, generally it's shredding, crushing, magnetic separation and air gravity separation. Shredding and crushing will crush the battery into pieces so that the materials could be separated totally. Then the magnetic separator will separate the iron out first, then air gravity separation will separate copper and aluminum. At the same time, the pulse collector can collect carbon and lithium cobalt powders. The whole process is dry type separation, so don’t need to worry about the pollution problems. And the machine has a high separation rate so that it can maximize the value of lithium battery recycling.

lithium battery recycling machine The separated products

The above is a general introduction of the lithium battery recycling machine, if you want to know more details, just feel free to contact us for more information.




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