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How do I dispose of cables and wires?

There are many waste copper wires in our daily life. How to dispose of cables and wires is becoming a big question. Because there are many copper in them so we can turn waste copper wires into wealth.

Here has many ways to dispose the cables and wires, such as fire burning, water type copper wire recycling machine and dry type cable crushing and separating machine. But water type or burning will produce water pollution and seriously air pollution, so the cable crushing and separating machine is the best choice for customer to dispose cables and wires. Here are some reasons.

cable crushing and separating machineCable crushing and separating machine

At first, the cable crushing and separating machine has high separation rate. The configuration of cable crushing and separating machine is shredder, crusher, magnetic separator, air separator and electrostatic separator. We put the cables and copper wires into shredder and crusher, we will get mixed copper and plastic. The magnetic separator can separate iron and then air separator will separate copper and plastic. Normally the separation is about 98%. The electrostatic separator can increase the separation rate above 99.9%. We can see no cooper in plastic and no plastic in copper.

cable crushing and separating machineThe separated pure copper and plastic

The second thing is cable crushing and separating machine can save man power. The machine will have electronic control cabinet, it is PLC control system. When the machine running, there are only need 1-2 workers. One is feeding materials, and another is control the electronic control cabinet. It is easy to operate and can save many man power.

cable crushing and separating machineCable crushing and separating machine 3D picture

Last but not least, cable crushing and separating machine is totally environment friendly. We will use pulse dust removal and cyclone dust removal to help the machine remove the dust. The cyclone dust removal will remove most of dust and then the pulse dust removal will collect the small particles of dust. And the whole dust removal system can get 99% collect dust rate, we will not see the dust during the machine working.

If you are interested in how to dispose of cables and wires, you can contact with us, and we can give you suitable plan about the machine.

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