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Cable crushing and separating machine is also called copper cable wire recycling machine, which is an environmental protection type machinery. Cable crushing and separating machine can recycle any kinds of wires and cables, such as household wires, car wires, communication cables and other scrap wires which are difficult to recycle.

cable crushing and separating machine Differnent kinds of scrap wires and cables

The general process of cable crushing and separating machine include crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation process. Also we use wind dust collector and pulse dust collection system to collect all dust during whole process, the whole process without using fire, water or chemical, so there is no secondary pollution to the environment.

Different wires required different recycling process. For example, The car wires has plugs at the end of wires which has iron and brass inside. After crushing, you need use magnetic separator to sort iron out. And then, air separator separate copper from plastic because of the differnent specific gravity of them. After air separation, vibrating screen can separate brass out of copper. After whole process, you will get clean coppers.

cable crushing and separating machineCable crushing and separating machine and the separated copper & plastic

Beside, If you have many kind of wires mixed together such as household electric wires, car wires, industry cables, aluminum wires/cables. We also have solution to recycle them, for details, you can contact with us.

The cable crushing and separating machine also has the following machine features:

1. the separation rate is very high, around 99%, so the separated copper will be very pure, which has a good selling market.

2. Dry type separation method, without any water or chemical process to cause pollution.

3. Physical process to keep the quality of the separated metals and plastics.

4. Fully automatic. PLC control, easy to operate, one operator is enough. So the operation cost is low and the benefit is high.

5. Small land occupy size.

If you are intrested in cable crushing and separating machine, welcome to contact us.

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