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Copper cable wire recycling machine

Copper cable granulator machine

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Copper cable granulator machine also called copper wire recycling machine or copper wire separator machine. Copper wire recycling machine is a kind of environmental protection machine because the machine adopts dry type separation method to separate copper and plastic from scrap copper wires.

copper cable granulator machine Small type copper cable granulator machine

Automatic copper cable granulator machine can process various automobile wire, motorcycle wire, electric car wire, and and other home appliances wire such as TV, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner. The following is the different kinds of scrap copper wires that can be preocessed by copper cable granulator machine.

copper cable granulator machine Different kinds of scrap copper wires

This copper cable granulator machine contains crusher, vibrating screen, air separator and electrostatic separator. The machine has a compact design. All the parts of the copper cable granulator machine are on one platform which can save floor space.

copper cable granulator machine Copper cable granulator machine and component

The crusher can crush the scrap copper wires to small pieces, vibrating screen can separate brass from copper. According to the different proportions, air separator can separate copper and plastic. Electrostatic separator can separate fine copper from plastic and the separation rate can reach to 99.9%. If the scrap wires contain small amount of iron, you can use the magnetic separator to select the iron first.[Relate reading: Introduction of working principle of copper cable wire recycling machine]

The dry type copper cable granulator machine without using any water or chemical, thus there is no any secondary pollution, In addition, the copper and plastic separated by copper cable granulator machine will not damage the performance of copper and plastic. The copper and plastic is so pure that can be sold on the market.

copper cable granulator machine Copper cable granulator machine and the separated copper & plastic

For copper cable granulator machine, there are different models with capacities from 100kg/h to 3T/h. We can suggest suitable machine according customer's raw materials and the daily processing capacity.

Model  Overall Dimension Capacity Power Weight  Recovery Rate
DY-400 2000*1650*2600mm 100-200kg/h 18.5kw 1800kg ≧99.9%
DY-600 2500*1800*2850mm 200-300kg/h 45kw 3500kg
DY-800 3800*1900*3500mm 300-500kg/h 55kw 4200kg
DY-1000 4200*2100*3800mm 600-800kg/h 65kw 4800kg
DY-1200 5180*2300*4200mm 800-1000kg/h 80Kw 5500kg
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