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DOING's successful e waste recycling plant project in India

As an e waste recycling machinery manufacturer, DOING has now exported e waste recycling plant to more than 80 countries and regions, and India is one of the best-selling countries for our machines.

1. What are the successful project cases that Henan DOING Company has done in India?

Here, DOING will share with you some different project cases for your reference to learn more about the e waste recycling plant project in India.

Project 1: Indian 200-300kg/h cable wire recycling machine and 100kg/h waste circuit board recycling machine project in 2023

In 2023, Indian customer signed a contract to order a 200-300kg/h cable wire recycling machine and 100kg/h waste circuit board recycling machine with DOING Group. The purpose of the Indian customer bought cable wire recycling machine and waste circuit board recycling machine is mainly to process the waste cable wires and circuit boards in scrap computer, cell phone, TV, etc. to make more money.

e waste recycling plantCable wire recycling machine and waste circuit board recycling machine project

The Indian customer has strict requirement: environmental friendly machine and direct supplier. During the communication with our sales manager, Indian customers learned about our environmentally friendly process of dry physical separation, as well as the strength of our company and factory. Finally, he chose us.

Project 2: Indian 200-300kg/h circuit boards recycling equipment and Electronic components dismantling machine project in 2021

In March 2021, an Indian customer purchased a circuit boards recycling equipment with a processing capacity of 200-300 kg/h from our DOING Company.

e waste recycling plantCircuit boards recycling equipment installed details

Before contacting us, Indian customer has contacted several other manufacturers for learn about circuit boards recycling equipment, but because of his high requirement for the equipment production and delivery, only our engineer designed the equipment program which reach his expect. At the same time, he visited our DOING Factory and the finished circuit boards recycling equipment through a video connection, which also make him believe us.

Project 3: 2-3t/h copper aluminum radiator recycling machine project of India in 2019

On November 24, 2019, a 2-3t/h copper aluminum radiator recycling machine project was successfully put into production in India, which can help customer to get copper and aluminum from waste radiators for get high profit.

The customer previous was engaged in diamond industry, but due to the sluggish market, he decided to start a radiator recycling business. Since the amount of radiators the customer needs to process is relatively large, he found many manufacturers, and only our machine has a capacity of 2000-3000kg/h. In addition, he was very satisfied with the operation results of the equipment, so he chose us.

2. What are the unique advantages to develop e waste recycling plant in India?

There are so many people invest in e waste recycling plant in India, because India has some unique advantages.

Advantage 1: Abundant raw materials

e waste recycling plantElectronic waste

There are a lot of electronic waste in India, like waste computer, cell phone, air conditioner, refrigerator, car, etc., these raw materials can be collected easily.

Advantage 2: Low cost, high profit

Since the raw materials are easy to collect, the prices of these raw materials are also relatively cheap. In addition, the metal recycled has a wide range of uses and a high selling price, so it can generally achieve a lot of profits.

Advantage 3: National policy support

Indian government issued many policies that attach great importance to the development of e-waste recycling business.

3. Why buy e waste recycling plant from DOING?

A. The quality of equipment is guaranteed:

DOING's e waste recycling plant is more particular about the materials used. For example, the blade of crusher is made of SKD-11, which can ensure the long service life of the machine.

B. Various capacity are available:

DOING has different scales and different automation types e waste recycling plant to choose from, which can meet the needs of different customers. All equipment is customized through our independent factory to ensure the equipment quality while reducing the customer's investment cost.

C. Comprehensive technical support:

e waste recycling plantComprehensive technical support

DOING's engineer team can not only provide customers with technical plan drawings, on the other hand, it can also help customers survey the factory buildings and design layout drawings, equipment basic condition diagram, etc.

Whenever you want to know more about India e waste recycling plant projects, welcome to send us an inquiry! We will provide you the most suitable project solutions according to your specific requirements for free.

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