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Copper wire separator machine is suitable for processing all kinds of scrap wires and cables, such as automobile electrical wire, motorcycle electric wire, industrial cable, communication cable and other miscellaneous cables which cannot be processed by wire stripping machine.

Copper wire separator machine is an environmentally friendly machinery, which adopts dry type physical separating method to separate copper from plastic. Through crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation, pure copper and plastic can be separated and recycled. The separated copper and plastic can be sold in the market, it also can used for making new products.

copper wire separator machine 3D picture of copper wire separator machine

Technical parameters of copper wire separator machine

Capacity(Kg/h) Overall Dimension Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Recovery Rate
100-150kg/h (DY-400) 4000*2000*2300mm 25kw 1500kg ≥99.9%
200-300kg/h (DY-600) 5000*4000*2500mm 38kw 3500kg
300-400kg/h (DY-800) 6000*5000*4200mm 65kw 4500kg
500-600kg/h 14000*6000*4200mm 100kw 7000kg
1000kg/h 18000*14000*4200mm 210kw 10000kg
2000kg/h 28000*20000*5000mm 300kw 15000kg

Features of copper wire separator machine

1. Copper wire separator machine adopts integrated structure design, all the accessories are concentrated on one counter, so the machine occupies small area and easy to move.

2. Copper wire separator machine adopts PLC control system, the operation is simple. Just connect the wires, turn on the power, the machine can run immediately, so one operator can operate it.

copper wire separator machine Copper wire separator machine has a compact design

3. Under the dual effects of air separator and electrostatic separator, the separation rate of copper wire separator machine can reach to 99.9%. There is no copper in plastic and no plastic in copper.

4. The crushing system of copper wire separator machine adopts SKD-11 alloy cutting tool, the processing hardness is HR58. It can ensure the high-wearing resistance as well as a certain tenacity of the crushing blade.

5. The operation of the complete set of copper wire separator machine is fully enclosed, it is equipped with an advanced pulse dust removal system that effectively collects dust in the production process and discharges it from the dust outlet.

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