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How to carry out daily maintenance of copper cable granulator machine?

Copper cable granulator machine is a popular product for recycling and processing waste wires and cables in recent years. The copper cable granulator machine has a service life. If you want to use it for a long time, you must carry out daily maintenance, and the daily cleaning of parts is also essential.

When we use the copper cable granulator machine, pay attention to two parts that are most likely to be blocked, and we need to clean them frequently. The vibrating screen is to filter copper particles, so that the separation of copper and plastic is more pure and high in purity. The vibrating screen is easy to block during use and needs to be cleaned every half a month, which is beneficial to the use of the copper cable wire recycling machine.

copper cable granulator machine Copper cable granulator machine

The feed inlet is also a place that is easy to block. If the size of the waste cable wires to be processed is too large, it will be blocked and needs to be shut down for processing. Therefore, before starting the operation, first screen the waste cable wires to ensure that the specification of the waste cable wires does not exceed the configuration of the feed inlet of the copper cable granulator machine.

All the bearings of copper cable granulator machine have been greased before leaving the factory for equipment debugging. However, it needs to be refilled during use. Grease must be refilled every half a month to ensure that the machine is noise-free and runs smoothly. In addition, the lubricating oil is different in summer and winter, so special use is required.

copper cable granulator machine Copper cable granulator machine and the separated copper & plastic

The blade will become dull after a period of use, which will affect the sorting effect. Therefore, the blade will be polished every once in a while, and the blade will become narrow after multiple polishing, and the old blade needs to be replaced. When grinding or changing the blade, turn off the power before operating. After grinding or changing, adjust the gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife.

In summary, if you want the copper cable granulator machine to create a long-term and stable income for you, you must do a good job of cleaning and maintenance, so that you can get more benefits.

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