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Stripping type radiator separator


  • AC radiator separator

    AC radiator separator can completely strip the copper pipes of most radiators, such as used air conditioner radiators, car radiators, water ...

  • Scrap radiator peeling tube machine

    ​The scrap radiator peeling tube machine, also know as stripping type radiator recycling machine, can separate the copper tubes from the al...

  • Copper and aluminum radiator tube stripping machine

    Copper and aluminum radiator tube stripping machine is used to process waste air conditioner radiators, to separate copper tubes and aluminu...

  • Radiator separator machine

    Radiator separator machine is a simple design but high efficient equipment for recycling scrap radiators to get aluminum foil and copper tub...

  • Stripping type radiator separator

    The stripping type radiator separator is mainly used to separate the copper tube and aluminum foil of the abandoned but undamaged air condit...

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