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Are old motherboards worth anything? What can they be used to do?

According to some researches and statistics, there are around 300-500g gold, 700-1500g silver, 130-150kg copper and other precious metals can be refined from 1 ton old motherboards. The old motherboards is “gold mine” in our daily life and we can get big profit from it. What can they be used to do?

pcb recyclingMetals content in waste motherboards

The motherboards can be sold on market for cash directly, and the recyclers and refiners will purchase motherboards from you for extracting gold also other metals. Different grades of motherboards will be sold at different price. If the metal content is higher, the selling price is higher, too. For normal old motherboards, the price range is big which from 400USD/ton to 6000USD/ton.

The motherboards also can be recycled by PCB recycling machine to get gold, silver, copper, etc. The metals recycled from old motherboards has big value which can be sold around 10000USD/ton even over 10000USD/ton. So the way to recycle motherboards by PCB recycling machine has very big profit.

motherboard recycling machinePCB recycling machine 3D picture

How to separate motherboards by PCB recycling machine?

Firstly, The electronic components on motherboards need be removed from base board by PCB dismantling machine. Secondly, the base board can be recycled by PCB recycling machine. By shredding, crushing, air separation, electrostatic separation, the base board can be separated as metals and resin fiber. Both can be sold on market for cash directly.

motherboard recycling processMotherboard recycling process by PCB recycling machine

The PCB recycling machine from Doing company adopts physical ways to recycling motherboards which has no pollution during operation and has high separation rate which can reach to 99%. Also, it is fully automatic equipment and easy to operate.

If you want to know more about how to process old motherboards or the details of PCB recycling machine, welcome to contact with us!

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