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PCB recycling plant is a complete production line which process waste circuit boards to get precious metals and resin fiber. The raw materials can be computer boards, TV boards, copper clad boards, printed circuit boards, etc.

PCB recycling plant Scrap circuit boards

PCB recycling plant adopts physical recycling method to separate metals from resin fiber. PCB recycling plant includes several components such as shredder or crusher, eddy-vibrating screen, air separator and electrostatic separator.

PCB board recycling machineProcess of PCB recycling plant

The crusher crushing the waste circuit board to metal powder and resin fiber powder. The eddy-vibrating screen can screen out large pieces of circuit boards and return to the crusher for secondary crushing. And then through the air separator and electrostatic separator to separate metal powder from resin fiber powder. To prevent dust pollution in the process of production, pulse dust collector is necessary for the PCB recycling plant.

After the process of PCB recycling plant, you can get mixed metals and resin fiber. The mixed metals can be sold directly or sent to metal refinery for purification. The resin fiber can be made for new products.

PCB board recycling plantPCB recycling plant and the separated mixed metals and resin fiber

Advantages of PCB recycling plant:

1. PCB recycling plant adopts physical recycling method, there is no any secondary pollution to the environment.

2. The processing ability of PCB recycling plant is strong, it can handle a ton of circuit boards per hour, and low energy consumption, high separation rate.

3. The PCB recycling plant can process a variety of waste circuit boards such as computer board, computer boards, TV board and other circuit board.

4. PCB recycling plant adopts PCL control system, the machine is automatic and high efficiency.

With the upgrading of electronic products, more and more electronic waste circuit boards have been produced. PCB recycling plant can not only recycle scrap circuit boards to get profit but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by electronic waste.

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