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PCB dismantling machine is the auxiliary equipment for PCB recycling machine to dismantle the electronic components from PCB boards before crushing and separating.

PCB dismantling machine PCB dismantling machine

When recycling waste PCB circuit board with components, the first process need to be done is to heat and remove electronic elements. This PCB dismantling machine can dismantle and separate the substrates and electronic components of a variety of discarded household appliances circuit boards.

PCB dismantling machine Waste PCB circuit board with components

The structural feature of PCB dismantling machine:

The PCB dismantling machine is composed of the tin removal furnace, automatic dismantling machine, automatic dust exhaust and dust collection system, conveyor platform, dismantling room and electric control part. PCB dismantling machine is fully automatic and high efficiency.

The inner tank of the PCB dismantling machine uses the 6mm-thick No. 45 anti-skid steel plate, and the outer wall is insulated with the insulating cotton to prevent the loss of temperature. The PCB dismantling machine use the automatic heating device of automatic temperature control, forced air supply and flameout self-ignition control, and set up the automatic memory preservation of temperature per time. PCB dismantling machine is the more and more popular in PCB recycling business.

PCB dismantling machine The separated substrates and electronic components

The electronic components dismantled from PCB boards could be collected and sold separately. The bare board can be recycle by PCB recycling machine to get mixed metals and resin fiber. The PCB dismantling machine greatly reduced the work of crushing and sorting sections , and the recycling rate of precious metals has been improved.

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