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about us

DOING HOLDINGS CO.,LTD is a comprehensive enterprise related to design, research and development, manufacture, marketing, technical support and installation service. We have been concentrating on waste recycling machinery, include scrap cable wire recycling machine, PCB circuit board recycling machine, waste aluminum plastic separation machine, radiator recycling machine, mixed plastics separation machine, etc. All the equipment adopt green technology which have no pollution to the environment.

about us


Help to standardize and optimize the work flow and improve the work efficiency and service level
  • Quotation reference


    Quotation reference--Reasonable price system, to provide you with the value
    of the optimization program and quotation.

  • Contract signing


    Contract signing--The two sides signed the contract agreement, and enter into
    the next step for the operating process.

  • Engineering design


    Engineering design--Safe and reliable professional design team, management specialization,
    guarantee the project to be delivered on time and high quality delivery.

  • Delivery and transportation


    Delivery and transportation--Timely and accurate delivery, tracking the movement of goods at any
    time, to ensure the safety of goods, on-time delivery to the site to ensure the smooth progress of the project

  • After sales service


    After sales service-- A full range of after-sales service, to
    show you continuous solicitude, save your time and energy.

  • 02/

    Customer visiting

    Customer visiting--Always welcome your arrival,
    to provide you with a full range of services.

  • 04/

    On-the-spot investigation

    On-the-spot investigation--According to the customer's different project
    requirements and on-the-spot investigation, customize to achieve the optimum design scheme.

  • 06/


    Manufacturing--normalized the operation, strictly follow the national
    standards, guarantee both quality and quantity

  • 08/

    Installation and debugging

    debugging and runing-- the technicist of High technical level, strong sense of responsibility to
    provide customers with professional installation and debugging preparation to ensure that the subsequent stability operation.



    We DOING have a strong team, the technical department includes a research and design team, and a total of more than 30 equipment installation teams. Office employees include more than 20 website construction and maintenance teams, more than 80 sales teams. The factory has More than 20 technicians, more than 80 skilled workers.


    With mature production technology and professional sales, engineers and installation team, through the unremitting technological innovation and following the market demand, we have been installed machines in more than 50 countries all over the world, which including Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Panama, Australia, etc.

Company activities

In order to enrich the amateur life of employees, DOING company organizes events from time to time, such as celebrating the anniversary of DOING company, organizing employees to expand our quality, and climbing tours with employees. These collective activities not only enriched employees' lives, but also brought us closer together and added more feelings and tacit understanding.

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