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Poland 200-300kg/h aluminum plastic separator machine project was successfully installed and put into production

On September 13, 2022, Polish customer purchased 200-300kg/h aluminum plastic separator machine was successfully installed and put into production.

At the beginning, the Polish customer planed to visit our company to test the machine himself. But due to the epidemic, he can't come to China, then he entrusted a Shanghai trading company he trusted to buy aluminum plastic separator machine for him.

aluminum plastic separator machineTesting report of separating rate

The Shanghai trading company inspected our company, factory, engineer team, services, etc. When introducing the separating rate of our aluminum plastic separator machine, our sales manager showed the trading company the 99% separation rate test report, which makes him satisfied. After the Shanghai trading company sent feedback to Polish customers, Polish customers decided to sign contract with Doing on May 13th.

After sign the contract, DOING Factory begin to production this order. When this aluminum plastic separator machine was produced completely, our sales and Polish customer made a video call to test the effect of operation and separation. Our Polish customer was sure that there is no problem, then DOING Factory arrange the Delivery of this aluminum plastic separator machine.

Packaging picture:

aluminum plastic separator machinePackaging and loading picture

On August 1, 2022, this aluminum plastic separator machine ordered by Polish client was packaged and ready to send to Poland. For avoiding being damaged, our workers use sponge scraps to package equipment's corner and use plastic film to wrap each equipment. These equipment and spare parts was loaded in a container. They will reach Qingdao port and through ship be transported to Poland.

Customer installation site:

aluminum plastic separator machineAluminum plastic separator machine in Poland

On September 13, our Polish customer send us the photo of installed aluminum plastic separator machine. We participated in the whole process of guiding the installation, commissioning and trial operation of Poland aluminum plastic separator machine project, and provided technical training of workers, including standardized operation of equipment, daily maintenance, safety precautions and emergency plans and so on.

Here, DOING hopes Polish customer's business is flourished! If you're interested in aluminum plastic separator machine, welcome to contact Henan DOING - We are looking forward to work with you.

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