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One set of 1000kg/h e-waste pcb recycling separator was installed in Yunnan Province, China

In March, 2021, one set of 1000kg/h e-waste pcb recycling separator newly launched by Henan Doing Company was successfully installed in Yunnan Province, China! Our e-waste pcb recycling separator successfully passed the household inspection and acceptance, and were officially put into operation.

Equipment information:

One set of 1000kg/h e-waste pcb recycling separator ordered by Yunnan customers.

LocationYunnan, China
Raw materialwaste circuit boards, copper clad laminates, computer boards, TV boards, printed circuit boards, etc.
Equipment configurationshredder, crushers, eddy-vibrating screen, air separator, electrostatic separator, pulse dust collector, etc.
Daily processing capacity1000kg/h
Processing technologyMechanical crushing and physical separating

99%separation rate, saving power, saving manpower, no pollution, easy to operation with PLC control system ...

Signing process:

This Yunnan customers are engaged in business related to the e-waste recycling industry, and they wanted to purchase an e-waste pcb recycling separator with large processing capacity to process waste boards. After learning that our company has completed many large-scale e-waste pcb recycling separator production orders and has rich experience. The customers decided to visit our factory. After paying a visiting, the Yunnan customers thought highly of our e-waste pcb recycling separator, especially the design of two crushers.

e-waste pcb recycling separatorE-waste pcb recycling separator

Therefore, after coming into contact with e-waste pcb recycling separator from different manufacturers, they thought that DOING e-waste pcb recycling separator has better quality and more excellent performance. Then our engineers provide a good scheme according to their requirements. Finally, on September 10, 2020, Yunnan customers signed a contract to order an e waste recycling machine with Doing Group.

Installation process:

After the Yunnan customers received the equipment, Henan Doing dispatched technical engineers to the customer's factory for on-site installation guidance, equipment commissioning, worker training and other works. At present, the customer's one set of 1000kg/h e-waste pcb recycling separator have been successfully installed and put into operation.

e-waste pcb recycling separator installationE-waste pcb recycling separator installation

With high-quality e-waste pcb recycling separator and professional service, we have become the preferred manufacturer of many customers. If you want to learn more about starting e-waste recycling business, please contact Henan Doing company.

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