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E waste recycling equipment list: A comprehensive guide

E waste recycling equipment is mainly includes waste cable wire recycling machine, PCB(circuit board) recycling machine, copper aluminium radiator recycling machine, etc., which can extract the valuable materials from e waste. But different machines use different equipment, well, what equipment will be used for e waste recycling? The specific e waste recycling equipment list is as follows:

List 1: Conveyors:

Conveyors are used to transport the e waste from one machine to another, which include Belt conveyors, pipeline (air transport) conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, etc. They are used to transport materials vertically or horizontally.

List 2: Shredders:

e waste recycling equipment listDouble-shaft shredder

Shredders are used to break down e waste into smaller pieces, which will make the e waste easier to separate. Double-shaft shredders are the most popular shredders in the market, it can handle a variety of materials, like waste cables and wires, waste circuit boards, waste radiators, etc., with high working efficiency.

List 3: Crushers:

e waste recycling equipment listKnife crusher

Crushers can crush the material into fine particles, making it easier to handle. For different raw materials, the crusher of e waste recycling equipment is different. For example, a knife crusher is generally used in waste cable wire recycling machine to handle the waste cables or wires, and PCB(circuit board) recycling machine and copper aluminium radiator recycling machine usually use hammerhead or hammer crusher to crush the waste circuit boards and radiators.

List 4: Dismantling machines

e waste recycling equipment listPCB dismantling machine

Dismantling machines are used to disassemble electronic devices, generally used in conjunction with the PCB(circuit board) recycling machine. PCB dismantling machine dismantles the electronic components from waste PCBs to get bare boards firstly, and then PCB(circuit board) recycling machine can recycle high purity metals from the bare boards.

List 5: Granulators:

e waste recycling equipment listCable wire granulator machine

Granulator is a machine that is used to convert large and bulky materials into small and uniform particles or granules. Cable wire granulator machine is the most common granulator, which is used to process waste cables and wires into copper and plastic granules.

List 6: Separators:

Separators is the most significant part e waste recycling equipment list, which are used to separate the different components of the e waste, based on the physical properties of the materials. Separators can be magnetic, airflow, or electrostatic.

1. Magnetic separators

Magnetic separators use magnets to separate ferrous metals(like iron) from non-ferrous metals and plastics.

2. Air separators

e waste recycling equipment listAir separator

Air separators use the principle of air suspension to separate materials based on their different density, very useful for separating metals and plastics. For materials with large density differences, it can separate them with 99% separating rate.

3. Electrostatic separators

e waste recycling equipment listElectrostatic separator

Electrostatic separators are used to separate materials(metals and non-metals) according to their conductivity in a closed high-voltage magnetic field.

List 7: Dust collectors

e waste recycling equipment listPulse dust collector

Dust collectors are also the important part of e waste recycling equipment. They are used to collect the dust and other small particles that are generated during the recycling process, to comply with the requirements of environmental protection and maintain a clean and safe working environment.

Except for the raw materials, the processing capacity will also affect the e waste recycling equipment list. If you want to know more about e waste recycling equipment list, welcome to contact us. Our sales manager and engineer will provide you specific e waste recycling equipment list according to your raw materials and processing capacity.

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