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E waste PCB waste circuit board recycling machine

E waste PCB waste circuit board recycling machine is used to process all kinds of scrap printed circuit board.

The input material:

pcb recycling machineProcessing raw materials

Specifically, this e waste PCB waste circuit board recycling machine can process mobile phone boards, computer motherboards and so on. You can collect raw materials from scrapyards, appliance dismantling centers, SMT factoriesand so on.

In addition, it should be noted that scrap printed circuit board are hazardous waste, so if you collect scrap printed circuit board from the manufacturers, you needobtainapermit. If you don't have a permit, you can only collect it from small scrapyards and private hands.

The workflow of DOING e waste PCB waste circuit board recycling machine:

pcb recycling machineThe workflow of PCB  recycling machine

The first step is dismantling, which separates the electronic components from the board.

The next step is shredding, which shreds into small sections and then crushes them.

In the crushing process, the first crushing is hammerhead broken and the second one is the hammer crushing.

The next step is sieving, where a eddy-vibrating screen is used to control the size of the granular material.

When the shredded material is larger than 24 to 26 mesh, it goes to theair separator, which separates 97-98% of metals and non-metals.

Electrostatic separatoris then used to separate out 99% of the metals and non-metals depending on the different charge levels of the metals and non-metals.

The usage of final products:

pcb recycling machineThe usage of final products

With the above workflow, you can get mixed metal and resin powders from the e waste PCB waste circuit board recycling machine. Mixed metals can be used directly to sell for money. You can also extract gold or extract rare metals from these mixed metals. Resin powder can be used to make resinous plastic wood, outdoor benches and paint floors.

The advantage of DOING e waste PCB waste circuit board recycling machine:

pcb recycling machine3D equipment structure

1. The blade material for Double-shaft shredder is H13 alloy with high hardness and high toughness,specially used for metal processing.The using time is two time longer than normal blade.

2. Thecrusher use 65Mn alloy blades,which hasgood toughness andhigh wear resistance guarantee.

3. Eddy-vibrating screen is a high-precision screening machine with low noise, high efficiency and whole sealing structure.

4.Air separator, taking advantage of Italian air suspension principle to separate copper and plastic. It adopt variable frequence control knob to adjust machine to get high separation rate,very easy to operate.

5. Electrostatic separator can separate metal and plastic by high voltage electrostatic, along with bucket elevator to form an automatic sorting circle system to get high separate rate over 99.9%

6. Pulse dust collector, equip with pulse valve to clean dust automatically, has high dust remove rate over 99.5%

If you want to buy this e waste PCB waste circuit board recycling machine from DOING, you don’t have to worry about the after-sales service of the product. DOING provides one-stop service and has a perfect after-sales service team.

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