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DOING cable wire granulator is mainly used to make double recycling use of metals( copper or aluminum) and plastic from scrap cables wires. Cable wire granulator can separate high purity and good quality of copper and plastic from waste cable wires, through a dry type physical separation method. The whole working process uses no water, no fire, or no chemical solution. It is a totally environmental protection type machinery.

Working process of cable wire granulator:

The whole working process of cable wire granulator is shredding, crushing, air separation, electrostatic separation and dust removal. About the whole working process, here is a 3D working process display for watching.

Parameter of cable wire granulator:

Capacity(Kg/h)   Overall Dimension Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Recovery Rate
100-150kg/h(DY-400) 4000*2000*2300mm 25kw 1500kg ≥99.9%
200-300kg/h(DY-600) 5000*4000*2500mm 38kw 3500kg
300-400kg/h(DY-800) 6000*5000*4200mm 65kw 4500kg
500-600kg/h 14000*6000*4200mm 100kw 7000kg
1000kg/h 18000*14000*4200mm 210kw 10000kg
2000kg/h 28000*20000*5000mm 300kw 15000kg

Configuration of cable wire granulator:

cable wire granulatorCable wire granulator

The general configuration of cable wire granulator is crusher, air separator and line-vibrating screen, which can separate copper and plastic from waste cable wires with 99% separation rate. But if there are some waste cable wires with plugs and iron, then we need to add a shredder before crusher, which can not only increase the separation rate, but also increase the capacity of cable wire granulator. And if there are some thin wires, whose diameter is below 3mm, we need to add an electrostatic separator. Adding an electrostatic separator can increase the separation rate above 99.9%.

About buying cable wire granulator, what we most concerned must be the price. Due to different raw materials need different configuration, the price is also different. If you want to know the quotation of cable wire granulator, welcome to contact us. Our sales manager will provide you specific quotation according to your raw materials.

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