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Small scale copper cable separator introduction:

small scale copper cable separatorSmall scale copper cable separator

Small scale copper cable separator is used for separating copper and plastic from waste copper cable wires or aluminum cable wires. The working theory is to sort copper from waste cable wires via dry production and environmental protection way.

Small scale copper cable separator working process:

small scale copper cable separatorWorking process of copper cable separator

1. Shredding: Using a shredder to shred waste cable wires into small pieces;

2. Iron removal: Remove iron by magnetic separator;

3. Crushing: Crush small pieces into small particles by crusher;

4. Air separation: Separate copper from plastic by air separator according to the different gravity with separation rate of 97-98%;

5. Electrostatic separation: Separate copper from plastic according to different conductivity of separation rate of 99% by using electrostatic separator;

6. Dust removal: Pulse dust and cyclone dust removal system to collect the dust with the collect rate of 99%.

Small scale copper cable separator final products:

small scale copper cable separatorFinal products

Copper: It can be sold in the metal trading market directly, or you can make new products, like copper ingots, copper Electrolysis, and then sell.

Plastic: As for plastic, it can be sold directly as well. Or you can pellet the plastic into other products, like wire cover, tray, blister sheet, etc.

Small scale copper cable separator technical parameter:

Capacity (kg/h)Overall DimensionPower(Kw)Weight(Kg)Recovery Rate
100-150kg/h (DY-400)4000*2000*2300mm25kw1500kg≥99.9%
200-300kg/h (DY-600)5000*4000*2500mm38kw3500kg
300-400kg/h (DY-800)6000*5000*4200mm65kw4500kg

Small scale copper cable separator advantages:

a. PLC control system, intelligent operation, and uniform feeding;

b. Dust removal system and dry physical separation method, no any pollution to the environment;

c. Compacted structure, easy to delivery and installation;

d. Double roller type, low rotating speed but large reverse space, high capacity but low noise, and simple operation;

Small scale copper cable separator effect:

(a) Economic effect: By recycling high purity and good quality of copper and plastic, which can bring high economic profit to us.

(b) Environmental effect: Dry type physical separation method, which is more environmental friendly than burning, wet type or chemical solution.

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