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What factors will affect the productivity of copper wire granulator?

A good copper wire granulator is half of a successful copper wire recycling business. The productivity of copper wire granulator is one of the important factor to consider when choosing good copper wire granulator. Well, what factors will affect the productivity of copper wire granulator? There are several factors that can affect the productivity, let's talk about it in this article.

Wire situation

The wire situation is an important factor will affect the productivity of copper wire granulator. For example, if the waste wires contain iron plug, or the wires being processed are too large, it will take some time to process these wires for copper wire granulator, hence, the productivity will be affected. In order to increase the productivity of copper wire granulator, it would be better to have uniform wire sizes and remove iron plugs and such.

copper wire granulatorVarious copper wires

Henan Doing's copper wire granulator can equip a shredder and magnetic separator, which is used to pre-process the wires with iron plug and remove the iron.

Blade Quality

The quality of the blades used is also an important factor to affect the productivity of copper wire granulator. If the blades are dull or damaged, or are simply not suitable for cutting scrap wires and cables, they will not be able to cut through the wire efficiently, which can cause the machine to slow down or even stop working altogether. That’s also why the crusher blades need to be sharpening sometimes during machine use, so that it could keep the productivity of the copper wire granulator.

copper wire granulatorCrusher blades

Our crusher blades of copper wire granulator are made of SKD-11 material, which has strong toughness, strength, high temperature fatigue resistance, etc. It means that you needn't to sharpen the blade frequently.

Operator Skill

Except the above factors, the skill of the operator can also affect the productivity of copper wire granulator. An experienced operator usually has the necessary skills to operate machine, which can able to operate the copper wire granulator efficiently and make adjustments as needed.

copper wire granulatorPLC control system

However, Doing's copper wire granulator is controlled by PLC control system, which only needs one or two workers to operate. Workers only need to put the waste cables and wires into the shredder or crusher evenly, and copper wire granulator will run automatically to separate the copper from the waste cables and wires, which can ensure the copper wire granulator works at its maximum productivity.

Machine Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the copper wire granulator is also a factor that will affect the productivity of copper wire granulator. Regular maintenance, including cleaning the machine, checking the blades, and lubricating the moving parts, can help to prevent breakdowns and ensure that the machine is working efficiently.

copper wire granulatorCopper wire granulator

Henan Doing has rich experience in manufacturing copper wire granulator over 12 years, which has helped many recycler get their suitable copper wire granulator. So if you have interest in our copper wire granulator, welcome to contact our DOING Company for more information!

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