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What's the usage of copper wire granulator?

Those who are engaged in the copper wire recycling business must be familiar with the copper wire granulator. But for those who have just set foot in this business, they may not know much about the copper wire granulator. So today Henan Doing, an experienced copper wire granulator manufacturer, will introduce you the usage of copper wire granulator.

1. Protecting the environment:

Earphone wires, data wires, household square wires, car wires, these common things in life, become waste when their lifespan runs out. Most of them are end of being buried in landfill, which will occupy land, and if corroded by rainwater, they will also lead to land and water pollution. In addition, the plastic sheath(most of PVC) may also release harmful chemicals, which will do harm to human health.

copper wire granulatorWaste cables and wire

The first usage of copper wire granulator is to environment protect through recycling these waste cables and wires. Recycling waste cables and wires can reduce the amount of waste, which will help to protect the environment and human health.

2. Recycling iron mesh and plastic composite materials:

Except recycling waste cables and wires, copper wire granulator is also used for recycling iron mesh and plastic composite materials. Copper wire granulator can separate iron from plastic through crushing and separation. The separated iron and plastic can be reused.

3. Making money from recycling copper and plastic:

As for the third usage of copper wire granulator is making money from recycling copper and plastic. The separated copper and plastic has high economic value. Take copper as an example, it can be sold directly in the metal trading market and copper electrolysis plant, or it can be made into other new copper-products, like copper foil and copper clad laminates. It also can be granulated into new copper cables or car wires. The price is pretty considerable. Of course, the plastic can also bring some profit through making new plastic-products, like soles, plastic shoes, artificial leather, mouse, keyboards, etc.

copper wire granulatorUsage of copper and plastic

Here is a profit analysis table of copper wire recycling business for reference to calculate your profit.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuantityPrice Input costTotal cost
1Scrap car wires500kg/h * 8h = 4TUSD3355 / tonUSD13420USD13522
2Power consumption65Kw/H * 8H = 520KwHUSD0.1/ KWHUSD52
3Workers2 workersUSD25per oneUSD50
Income / Day
ItemOutputQuantityPriceIncomeTotal income
1Copper4T *55%= 2.2TUSD9422/ tonUSD20728.4USD 20953.4
2Plastic1.8TUSD125/ tonUSD225
Daily Profit = USD 20953.4– USD 13522 = USD 7431.4

The profit of copper wire recycling business is closely related with the purity and quality of copper. To get more profit, you need to get purer and better quality of copper. Henan Doing's copper wire granulator can help you to realize that.

Firstly, if there are some wires with iron plug, Doing's copper wire granulator is equipped with magnetic separator, which can remove the iron from copper and plastic particles. Moreover, if there are very thin wires, about 1-2% thin copper will be mixed in plastic due to the similar gravity, electrostatic separator can separate the copper from plastic according to the conductivity of metal. The purity of copper can reach to 99%.

copper wire granulatorWorking process of copper wire granulator

Secondly, Doing's copper wire granulator adopts totally physical separation method, uses no water, no fire, or chemical solvent, thus, it won't cause any damage to the quality of copper.

Henan Doing, as a copper wire granulator machinery manufacturer with over 12 years experience, has won many customer's praise, due to the excellent equipment and professional service. If you have enquiry of copper wire granulator, fell free to contact us.

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