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What machine do we need to recycle waste circuit boards?

If you want to recycle waste circuit boards, you need at least two kinds of machines. One is PCB dismantling machine, and the other is waste circuit boards recycling machine.

PCB dismantling machine can help you to remove the electronic components from circuit boards, and the waste circuit boards recycling machine can crush the waste circuit boards, separate metals and resin fiber and help you to get pure precious metals mixture and resin fiber.

Next, Doing Company will introduce our DOING PCB dismantling machine and waste circuit boards recycling machine.

1. DOING PCB dismantling machine

DOING PCB dismantling machine working principle: The solder is melted by high temperature heating, while the waste circuit boards collide with each other, and the electronic components will be removed from the waste circuit boards. The following is the working process of PCB dismantling machine for you to observe the dismantling result.

Beside, if the environmental protection requirement of your country, you need to purchase a flue gas purification system to meet the requirement.

2. DOING waste circuit boards recycling machine

DOING waste circuit boards recycling machine is a production line to crushing and recycling waste circuit boards, which includes shredder, crusher, eddy-vibrating screen, air separator, electrostatic separator and dust removal system. The equipment can crush waste circuit boards and separate the pure mixed metals and resin fiber automatically and continuously. Moreover, the whole workflow has no air or water pollution, and the dust will be collector by dust removal system to keep your plant tidy.

If you want to know about the specific working process of waste circuit boards recycling machine, here is a 3D animation, which shows that in details step by step.

What use do the pure precious metals mixture and resin fiber have?

Typically, waste circuit boards contain 40% of metals. There are large amount of copper, solder and nickel along with iron and precious metals in 40% metals: the intrinsic recycling value of most scrap boards is in the gold content.

So as for the metals mixture, we can extract the gold or copper for further processing. On the other hand, the metals mixture retain their original properties, which can also be sold directly.

waste circuit boards recycling machineFinal products and application

Moreover, the quality of non-metals won't get damaged, which has wide application. Such as, they are used widely for trays, sewer grates, kitchen utensils, electronic switches etc. with properties comparable to that of composites with traditional filler.

How the profit will you have?

The following is a profit analysis table, which can be taken as a reference for you to calculate the actual profit.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuantityPriceInput costTotal cost
1Waste PCB boards500kg/h * 10h = 5TUSD3124 / tonUSD15620USD 15740.95
2Power consumption64.5Kw/H * 10H = 645KwHUSD0.11/ KWHUSD70.95
3Workers2 workersUSD25per oneUSD50
Income / Day
ItemOutputQuantityPriceIncomeTotal income
1Metals5T *40%= 2TUSD9530/ tonUSD19060USD 19300
2Resin fiber5T*60%= 3TUSD80/ tonUSD240
Daily Profit = USD 19300 – USD 15740.95 = USD 3559.05

If you have intent to start waste circuit boards recycling business, you can contact us. DOING can arrange sales to negotiate with you about the detailed information of waste circuit boards recycling machine.

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