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Which company supplies e waste recycling machine?

There are many e waste recycling machine supplier at home and abroad. Some are trading companies, and aome are manufacturers. If you want to buy e waste recycling machine, Doing recommends that you choose the manufacturer. Because the manufacturer's machine is usually cheaper, and the quality can be guaranteed. As a manufacturer, Henan Doing has won praise and trust from customers, and has been a good choice for customer, rely on the 12 years of experience in equipment manufacturing and exporting.

Now that there are many e waste recycling machine supplier, why choose Henan Doing? Don't worry, the following article will tell you the reason from the aspects of equipment quality, equipment price and company service.

1. Good equipment quality

First of all, the machine quality is an important basis to choose e waste recycling machine supplier. We can examine the machine quality in terms of equipment materials and separation effect.

Equipment materials:

e waste recycling machine supplierShredder advantages

Doing's e waste recycling machine is made of stainless steel as a whole, which is durable. Such as, the blade material for Double-shaft shredder is H13 alloy with high hardness and high toughness, specially used for metal processing. The using time is two time longer than normal blade.

Separation effect:

Doing's e waste recycling machine equipes with air separator and electrostatic separator to separate metals and non-metals, according to their specific gravity and conductivity of the object. The separation rate can reach as high of 99%. In addition, it adopts dry physical separation method, which has no damage to the final products. The final products with high purity and good quality can bring you considerable profit.

2. Affordable equipment price

e waste recycling machine supplierDoing's factory

A reliable e waste recycling machine supplier is usually a direct seller, rather than a middleman. In this way, the e waste recycling supplier can provide customers with the most suitable e waste recycling machine at a more favorable price.

As a direct seller, Henan Doing not only has an independent factory covering an area of 20,000 square meters, but also has various professional mechanical processing equipment, such as bending machines, laser cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, etc., to make or customize the best machine.

3. Professional service

e waste recycling machine supplierProfessional engineer team

Last but not least, a good e waste recycling machine supplier should have the ability to provide complete service for customers, to reduce the worries about the quality of the products.

Doing has professional sales and engineer team. They can offer the plant layout, machine layout diagram, building condition drawing, equipment basic condition diagram, etc. according to your requirement.

Besides that, Doing provides one-year warranty for your machines. And once there is any problem on machine running, we can provide online or video guidance at any time.

If you are looking for e waste recycling machine supplier, welcome to contact us, our manager will provide with you professional advice.

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