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How profit is waste AC radiator recycling business?

Recently, many people say the waste AC radiator recycling business is an industry with windfall profit. Is it true? How profit is waste AC radiator recycling business? Let's analyze it in details here.

waste ac radiator recycling machineWaste AC radiator recycling machine

Firstly, the waste AC radiator mainly consists of copper, aluminum and small amount of iron. The copper contained is around 55% and the aluminum 45% in the waste AC radiator. Through the metal content of the waste AC radiator, we can see that there is a high content of copper. As we know, copper has a high recycling value. So from this aspect of the metal content, we can know that there is a good profit in the waste AC radiator recycling business.

散热器金属含量700-475.jpgMetal content of radiator

Secondly, the copper and aluminum recycled from waste AC radiators have huge market demand, too. They can be widely used in various metal processing industry and upstream & downstream business. They can be sold more easily at good price. Because there is a large market demand for the copper and aluminium recovered in the waste AC radiator recycling business, you don't have to worry about the ultimate sale of the final product. So the prospects for the waste AC radiator recycling business are very promising.

Below, let's calculate the cost and profit of waste AC radiator recycling business based on 500kg/h capacity. This is for your reference.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuantityPrice($)Input cost($)Total cost($)
1Waste radiators500kg/h*8h=4T3285.71/T13142.8613256.57
2Power consumption62Kw/H*8H=496KwH0.14Kw/H70.86
3Workers2 workers21.42/Day42.86
Income / Day
ItemOutputQuantityPrice($)Income($)Total income($)
Daily profit = daily income - daily cost=15585.71-13256.57=2329.14($)

Because the collecting prices of waste AC radiator and selling prices of recycled metal would fluctuate in different areas. From the above table, as we can see, the profit of this business is considerable!

Besides, the profit space will be also influenced by waste AC radiator recycling machine in waste AC radiator recycling business. A high quality waste AC radiator can help you make better profits. Because the waste AC radiator machine with good separation result will help to get purer metal to sell them at better price. DOING waste AC radiator recycling machine has more reasonable design and more stable performance. For example, the hammer type crusher is designed to control the size and shape of material to lessen the aluminum-wrapped-in-copper granules. The separation rate of DOING waste AC radiator recycling machine is more than 99%. DOING Group is a 12 years machine manufacturer, our efficient design of waste AC radiator recycling machine can be used to separate waste air conditioning radiators, defective radiators of air conditioning radiator manufacturers, discarded car cooling water tank copper pipes and aluminum foils, and it can also handle copper and aluminum radiators of three different kinds of copper pipe spacing of single layer and double layer of 19mm, 21mm, 25mm. Low investment and high profitwaste AC radiator recycling machine in DOING can completely strip copper pipes inside the discarded copper aluminum air conditioning radiator, aluminum foils also keep the type of blocks, can strip the production of single-layer and double-layer copper pipes by simply setting up the same machine, copper pipes and aluminum foils can be quickly separated with high efficiency and simple operation.

waste ac radiator recycling machineDOING waste AC radiator recycling machine

If you are interested in this waste AC radiator machine, welcome to contact DOING. We can provide you with the best service. At present, this business is not very competitive. If you have sufficient source, don't wait. Please consider this waste AC radiator recycling business carefully. The profit is pretty considerable!

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