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Stripping type radiator separator


Stripping type radiator separator

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The stripping type radiator separator is mainly used to separate the copper tube and aluminum foil of the abandoned but undamaged air conditioner radiator or car water tanks.

How to separate copper tubes from aluminum foil by stripping type radiator separator?

The stripping type radiator separator can process single-layer and double-layer 19mm, 21mm, and 25mm waste radiators with different copper tube spacings by adjusting settings. When using, cut big pieces waste radiators to smaller size by waste radiator cutting machine to make it is suitable processed by radiator separator. And then put the neatly cut radiators into the inlet of the stripping type raiator separator to realize automatic discharge.

radiator separatorWaste radiators and the separated copper tubes & aluminum foil

The performance characteristics of stripping type radiator separator:

1) Integrated design, small footprint, easy to move, simple operation;

2) The copper tube inside the radiator can be completely peeled out, while the aluminum foil also remains block-shaped;

3) In terms of safety, the light inlet control is used to set the light and eye control. When working, human hands reach the set position and the stripping type radiator separator stops;

4) The feed electrical control system adopts the customizable electric control cabinet, so as to stop when the feed is inclined or pour the cut material out and cut and separate again. Peel off two rows of copper pipes. When peeling a single layer of copper pipes, wrap the lower set of blades with a sheath.

radiator separatorStripping type radiator separator

Stripping type radiator separator machine function:

Air conditioner copper and aluminum separators are used to separate copper tubes and aluminum foil from waste radiators and air conditioner radiators.

1. Multi-purpose, single-layer and double-layer copper pipes on the same machine.

2. High efficiency, copper tube and aluminum foil can be quickly separated, high efficiency and simple operation.

3. High safety, light sensor is used to avoid any injury caused by improper operation of workers.

stripping type radiator separatorStripping type radiator separator

This stripping type radiator separator is a single-unit design with small land occupy size and easy to operate, but could make 100% recovery rate of aluminum and copper from waste radiators, low investment high benefit. If you want to process neat air conditioner radiators or buy stripping type radiator separator, feel free to contact us, we DOING look forward to cooperating with you.


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