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Radiator separator machine is a simple design but high efficient equipment for recycling scrap radiators to get aluminum foil and copper tubes. The radiator separator machine is easy to operate and high efficiency. Now we will make a details introduction about radiator separator machine.

radiator separator machine Radiator separator machine

The technical parameter of radiator separator machine:

Capacity(Kg/h) Overall Dimension Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Recovery Rate
1760*950*1350mm 7Kw 750Kg   ≥99%
2250*950*1350mm 7Kw 1250Kg

Application scope of radiator separator machine:

This radiator separator machine is applicable to process waste radiators generated from waste air conditioners, cars and other electric appliances. In order to achieve the good separation, it requires the waste radiators are undeformed and the spaces between copper tubes of scrap radiators is 19mm, 21mm or 25mm.

radiator separator machine Scrap radiators that can be processed by radiator separator machine

The process of radiator separator machine:

The scrap radiators should be put into the radiator separator machine inlet smoothly, and the stripped copper pipes and aluminum foil can be discharged automatically. After being separated, the copper tube will keep complete and the aluminum foil will become irregular pieces.

radiator separator machine The separated copper tubes and aluminum foil

If your scrap radiators is too big to process by radiator separator machine, you can use radiator cutting machine to cut the materials to small pieces for processing.

Advantages of radiator separator machine :

★Integrated structure, easy to move.

★ Easy operation, stable performance

★ High efficiency, saving labour and cost.

★ Low power consumption, long service life.

★ Environment friendly and pollution free

★ The voltage can be customized as per your requirements

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