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AC radiator separator can completely strip the copper pipes of most radiators, such as used air conditioner radiators, car radiators, water tanks and condensers, etc., while maintaining the shape of the aluminum coated. It is a newly designed compact equipment, which occupies a small area.

AC radiator separatorAC radiator separator

The AC radiator separator is designed and manufactured by DOING Company. This automatic AC radiator separator can help you separate and recycle copper from radiators fast and efficiency. Because of its practicality and affordability, it is very popular with those interested in the radiator recycling business.

AC radiator separator has bigger processing range, can process three kinds of copper tube center distance at most. In the market, most of the scrap radiators are 19mm,21mm, and 25mm. For other distances, you can contact us for customized or other solutions.

Here is a video that will help you easily understand the operation process of AC radiator separator.

When the waste radiator is fed into the feed port, each feeding gear of the feed port must be located in the middle of every two copper tubes, and slowly push forward until the AC radiator separator can directly peel off the aluminum foil on the copper tubes and keep the aluminum foil shape.

Radiator cutting machineRadiator cutting machine

For unformed radiator, AC radiator separator is definitely the best choice for low investment and high returns for you. But if you have multi-layers radiators or oversized radiator, only this machine is not enough, you need to configure a radiator cutting machine, which can pre-process the super-wide radiators and multi-layers radiators by cutting them into the setting suitable sizes for AC radiator separator.

In addition to this machine, we also have a more efficient and large-capacity radiator crushing and recycling machine, which has no restrictions on input materials. Any damaged or deformed radiator can be directly processed, recycled and separated into high-purity aluminum, copper, iron.

Radiator crushing and recycling machineRadiator crushing and recycling machine

Henan Doing Company is specialized in waste recycling machine more than thirteen years, and we have own high qualified engineer team. If you are interested and want to know more details about AC radiator separator, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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