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What is the working process of copper cable wire granulator machine?

Copper cable wire granulator machine is also called waste cable wire recycling machine, which is mainly used to process all kinds of waste wires and cables to recycle copper and plastic. It adopts dry physical separation method, which including shredding, iron removal, crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation.

1. Shredding: put the waste cable wires into shredder, which will shred the waste cable wires into small parts about 5cm.

2. Iron removal: use magnetic separator to remove the iron in the waste cable wires.

3. Crushing: then use a crusher to crush these parts into small copper and plastic pelletes.

copper cable wire granulator machineWorking process of copper cable wire granulator machine

4. Air separation: use an air separator to separate copper and plastic according to the different gravity of copper and plastic.

5. Electrostatic separation: use electrostatic separator to separate the copper in the plastic according to their different conductivity.

6. Dust removal: use pulse dust and cyclone dust removal system to collect the dust generated when processing.

Actually, there are many different types of waste cable wires in the waste recycling market. As for different cable wires, the working process of copper cable wire granulator machine is a little different. For example, if the collected cable wires are thick, whose diameter is over 3 mm, there is no need to use electrostatic separation. Just through crushing and air separator, copper will be separated from plastic with 99% separation rate. And if the cable wires are with plugs, it is need to add a line-vibrating screen to sieve copper from brass.

copper cable wire granulator machineCopper cable wire granulator machine project cases

Henan Doing's copper cable wire granulator machine has exported to several countries and areas, like America, Greece, Argentina, India, Ethiopia, Ire land, Singapore, etc. If you are interested in copper cable wire granulator machine or want to know more about the recycling business, welcome to contact with DOING Company!

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