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Can waste ACP aluminum composite panels be recycled?

As the application of aluminum composite panels becomes more and more extensive, more and more waste aluminum composite panels are produced, and there are more and more questions about waste aluminum composite panels. Can waste aluminum composite panels be recycled is one of them. Let us to answer this question.

aluminum composite panel recycling machineAluminum composite panels

About aluminium composite panel(ACP), it is a new-age cladding materials that used for building front elevation(facades), interiors, signage, and many more. Actually, it is a three-layer composite sheet with plastic as the core layer, and aluminum on both sides. Both aluminum and plastic are recyclable materials, therefore, waste aluminum composite panels can be recycled.

Although aluminum and plastic are materials that can be reused through processing, due to the good adhesion of aluminum and plastic, it brings great difficults to recycling. At present, there are several methods to recycle aluminum composite panels:

aluminum composite panel recycling plantBurn aluminum composite panels

Method 1: The first way is to burn out the aluminum composite panel directly. But the plastic will be burn away, only aluminum left. And this will generate a large amount of polluting gas, which will directly pollute the environment, and will also oxidize part of the aluminum during high temperature incineration, which has a low recovery rate.

Method 2: Using thermal plasma furnace: make the aluminum and plastic uniformly vaporized at a high temperature of 15,000 to 50,000 degrees. The aluminum gas will sinks and casts into an aluminum ingot. This method also has low recovery rate.

Method 3: Soak the waste aluminum composite panel in a solution containing separated substances, and use the separated substances to penetrate the plastic film and dissolve the aluminum layer, thereby separating the aluminum foil from the plastic film. However, strong acids and strong alkalis will pollute the environment, and also cause dissolution of the aluminum layer, which is not easy to implement industrially.

aluminum composite panel recycling plantAluminum composite panel recycling plant

Method 4: The last method is to recycle aluminum composite panels by aluminum composite panel recycling plant. The aluminum composite panel recycling plant can separate aluminum from plastic through a physical separation method. After crushing, grinding and electrostatic separation, aluminum will be separated from plastic easily. In this way, aluminum and plastic can be recycled with the 99% recovery rate.

Doing group, as an environmental protection aluminum composite panel recycling machinery manufacturer, has exported machine to India, Australia, Thailand, Russia, South Korea, etc. Doing's aluminum composite panel recycling plant adopts PLC control system, which saves labor and improves work efficiency. The separated plastic can be directly used to make plastic products, and the separated aluminum can be directly used for preparation Industrial aluminum powder makes waste aluminum composite panels re-utilized as resources. Welcome to contact us to get free quotation!

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