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Is there money in scrap circuit boards?

As we all know, there are considerable profits in scrap circuit boards. We can recycle the metal and plastic in scrap circuit boards to make money.

e waste recycling machineScrap circuit boards

The scrap circuit boards usually contain 30% plastic, 30% inert oxide and 40% metal. The main direction of recycling the scrap circuit board is metal recovery. The metal contains about 20% copper, 8% iron, 2% nickel, 4% tin, 2% zinc, and precious metals such as about 0.1% gold, 0.2% silver, 0.005% palladium. The recycling price of the scrap circuit boards varies according to the structure, generally ranging from $28-$2600. DOING e waste recycling machine can recycle metal and scrap metal inside, which can be sold to make money. Among them, the price of copper is around $5400 per ton, the price of iron is around $145 per ton, and scrap metal fiberglass and resin powder can also be sold for additives and filling materials, and the profits are considerable. Comprehensive calculation, for recycling one ton of waste circuit boards, the profit is at least $145.

e waste recycling machineFinal product

DOING e waste recycling machine is dust-free and green. For the price and profit of recycling and processing scrap circuit boards, it is not fixed. After all, there are many types of scrap circuit boards, and the metal content contained therein is also different. At the same time, the degree of attention of scrap circuit boards in different regions is different, and the price is different. Therefore, the size of its profits cannot be generalized.

DOING e waste recycling machine has the following advantages:

1. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance and low noise.

2. PLC-controlled automated production line, balance feeding.

3. Using three-stage pulverization, and the largest processing capacity reaches 1000kg per hour.

4. The crushing chamber adopts circulating water to control temperature and reduce noise.

5. The whole production line adopts negative pressure feeding to effectively reduce dust overflow.

e waste recycling machineE waste recycling machine

DOING e waste recycling machine has already become a leader in the e-waste processing industry, and has a considerable investment prospects. If you are interested with this e waste recycling machine, welcome to contact DOING.

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