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ACP recycling plant is a new technology, which is used for recycling and reusing aluminum composite panels to get pure aluminum and plastic powder.

ACP recycling plantACP recycling plant

The working process of ACP recycling plant includes crushing, grinding, screening and electrostatic separation. First, waste aluminum composite panel (ACP) will be crushed into pieces by crushing. And then the grinding mill will grind theses pieces into powder. If there are some powder are not grind ed completely, they will be sent back to crusher by eddy vibrating screen. Last, the electrostatic separator will separate aluminum from plastic according to the different electricity of them. After this procedure, you will get pure aluminum and plastic powder, both of them can be sold directly or made to new products, which can bring considerable profit to you.

ACP recycling plantACP recycling plant working process

Actually, there is a other machine to separate aluminum from aluminum, called aluminum plastic plate baking machine. Well, why choosing ACP recycling plant, instead of aluminum plastic plate baking machine?

I.ACP recycling plant adopts dry type crushing and separating method, there is no any secondary pollution to environment. But aluminum plastic plate baking machine will produce air pollution.

II.ACP recycling plant can not only process ACP, but also can separate aluminum foils, medical blister packs and other aluminum composite materials. But aluminum plastic plate baking machine can only process waste aluminum composite panels.

III.ACP recycling plant is fully automatic and easy to operate, just one worker can operate the machine easily. Just need to put scrap ACP into the feed port, through crushing, grinding and separation, aluminum and plastic will separated out from the different outlet. However, the traditional method needs more labor force and uneasy to operate.

ACP recycling plantACP recycling plant

ACP recycling plant is becoming more and more popular with recycle rs because of it's environmental protection, wide application and high profit. If you are interested in this recycling business and want to get such a machine, feel free to contact us.

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