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How to separate plug wire by cable wire recycling machine?

Plug wire could be normally seen at daily life. Like the wires on household appliances, the wires dismantled from the cars. They all have plug wires there. For plug wires, except copper and plastic, there is also brass or iron contained in it. So how to separate plug wire by cable wire granulator to get copper and plastic?

copper wire recycling machinePlug wire

Here is the 3D working flow animation of DOING cable wire recycling machine. Watching it, you can learn about how to separate plug wire by cable wire granulator.

As the 3D working flow animation shows, the main working process of cable wire recycling machine is shredding, crushing and separating three steps. The detailed working process is as the follow description shows.

Firstly, we can use shredder and magnetic separator. Shredder can directly process the plug wires with iron, and then magnetic separator can automatically remove the iron. In this process, you also can choose to pre-cut the iron part on the plug wires firstly by labor, according to your requirement.

Then, through crushing and separation process, the copper and plastic could be separated directly here.

Lastly, there is a liner screen table next to the copper output, which could screen out the brass from copper here, thus to ensure the quality of copper and its selling profit.

Though above process, the plug wire could be recycled and separated by the cable wire granulator.

What's more, for DOING cable wire recycling machine, it has the following advantages:

cable wire recycling machineThe advantages

1.About 99% high separation rate;

2.Physical and dry type separation, no pollution to environment;

3.Integrated design and small land size occupation;

4.Easy operation with high efficiency.

The cable recycling business has become very popular in the recent two years. It is a low investment but high profit industry. So, if you are also interested in cable wire recycling machine, welcome to contact us anytime for more information! We have professional engineer team and sales managers can give you suitable suggestions.

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