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How does a copper cable granulator machine work?

The cable granulator machine is using physical methods to separate cooper and plastic from scrap copper wires and cables. It’s totally green technique, friendly to environment. No need water or fire methods, just input scrape cooper wires and cables into the machine, through a series of processing, copper can be separated from plastic.

copper cable granulator machine Copper cable granulator machine

Then what is working process of copper cable granulator machine? The main working process of copper cable granulator machine including crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation. Below is details of copper cable granulator machine process.

First, input copper wire and cables into crusher, the wires and cables will be crushed to small granulates but still mix together. Then mixture will be transferred to air separator by vacuum feeding system. Air separator is using airflow and specific gravity of different materials to separate copper from plastic. As copper is heavier than plastic if they are in same size, so most copper and plastics can be separated by air separator. Also we add vibration screen to separate brass out of copper.

copper cable granulator machine Copper cable granulator machine process

If there are a lot of thin wires like car wires, connection wires which can’t be separated totally by air separator, we can equip electrostatic separator which use electrostatic charges to separate fine copper from plastic. With the use of electrostatic separator, the purity of copper can be reach to 99.9%. You can’t see cooper in plastic or plastic in copper.

copper cable granulator machine The separated copper & plastic

In addition, pulse dust collect system can collect dust in the copper cable granulator machine process, so there is no dust for entire working process and no air pollution.

If you have any question about working process of copper cable granulator machine, welcome to contact DOING.

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