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What factors should be considered when you buy a copper wire granulator?

The copper wire business stays hot for several years, and there is still quite a lot profit we can made. To run this business and make profit, you need a copper wire granulator first. While, there is a large quantities of kinds of copper wire granulator on the market, then comes the core question: What factors should be considered when you buy a copper wire granulator? Today, as one of the equipment manufacturers in this industry, I will help you figure out this in the following article.

copper wire granulator plantCopper wire granulator plant

Whether it is with high separation rate

As our experience for so many years in this industry, the improvement of the copper wire granulator’s separation rate can influence the business profit greatly. So, if you want to make more money through your copper wire recycling business, you can consider the copper wire granulator manufactured by Henan Doing company. The separation rate of their machine can reach up to 99%.

Whether it is with environmental friendly

We should choose a environmental friendly machine not only because the market sector’s supervision is increasing year by year, but also because the urgency of the environmental problem. Henan Doing company’s copper wire granulator takes use of dry type separation method, which won’t not waste water, fire or chemicals. And Doing’s environmental friendly copper wire granulator is equipped with the pulse dust removal system, which can help you collect the dust during the process.

Whether it is with low cost

Low operating costs are good at obtaining more profits from the business. For reducing equipment costs, small footprint and high degree of automation are all factors that should be considered when you buy a new copper wire granulator. Henan Doing company's copper wire granulator, which is small footprint, so you needn't cost a lot of money on land.

copper wire granulator plantCopper wire granulator plant

The three factors listed above is a rough reference for the copper wire granulator buyer who want to buy a high quality machine. In addition to these advantages, Henan Doing company's copper wire granulator has reasonable price and quality guaranteed additionally. Consult specific information about our copper wire granulator: please leave a message below.

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