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An aluminum plastic separator machine with capacity of 400-500kg/h was shipped to Xinxiang, China

On January18, 2024, a 400-500kg/h aluminum plastic separator machine ordered by our Chinese customer was loading and sent to Xinxiang, China. Here are pictures of the delivery site:

aluminum plastic separator machineLoading picture

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Shipped equipment:

Crusher - Crusher is used to crush the waste aluminum plastic film into small particles.

Grinder - Grinder can grind these small particles into powder about 24 mesh.

Eddy-vibrating screen - Eddy-vibrating screen is used for controlling the size of powder. The bigger powder will be stopped and sent back to grinder for further grinding.

Electrostatic separator - Electrostatic separator separates aluminum from plastic according to the different conductivity of metal and non-metal.

aluminum plastic separator machineAluminum plastic separator machine

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