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Aluminum foil recycling machine is used for processing and recycling waste aluminum plastic composite materials, achieving complete simultaneous separation and recycling of aluminum and plastic powder. The recycled aluminum powder and plastic powder can be sold and made into new products, which not only can bring good income, but also reduce the pressure of environmental pollution and resource shortage.

Aluminum foil recycling machine.jpgAluminum foil recycling machine

Process flow of aluminum foil recycling machine:

This is a 3D animation video that can help you intuitively see the aluminum plastic film processing process.


The waste aluminum foils will be firstly processed into small pieces through the crusher.

2.Grinder--further broken

Then the pieces materials enter the crusher through the negative pressure feeder and are crushed into powder.

The grinder is equipped with a circulating water cooling system, which can reduce plastic melting caused by high temperatures generated during the grinding process.

3.Eddy-vibrating screen

The eddy-vibrating screen can control the size of ground materials. Uneven ground materials will affect the sorting effect. Therefore, larger materials that do not fit the screen size are sent back to the grinder for further grinding.

4.Electrostatic separator

The bucket elevator feeder delivers the aluminum-plastic mixture to the electrostatic separator, which can separate aluminum and plastic powders through different conductivity.

5.Pulse dust collector

All dust generated during the processing is collected by the pulse dust collector.

The profit analysis of aluminum foil recycling business:

Many people doubt whether the aluminum plastic recycling business is profitable. The aluminum foil recycling business has a broad market prospect. With the continuous development and upgrading of the packaging industry, the aluminum foil recycling market will also continue to expand. In addition, the increase in environmental awareness also provides opportunities for the development of the aluminum foil recycling industry. This is our profit analysis based on the customer's situation for reference.

Profit analysisProfit analysis

Applications of aluminum foil recycling machine:

Doing aluminum foil recycling machine is suitable for processing a variety of aluminum-plastic composite materials, such as aluminum plastic board, waste plastic aluminum, toothpaste tubes, medicine blister packs, medicine capsules plate, pharmaceutical blister foil, aluminum and plastic boards, various aluminum panels, waste aluminum plastic food bags, milk bags, yogurt foil sealing lids, bottle neck foil lids, aseptic foil lids waste, electrical circuit board, aluminium laminate, aluminum composite panel, aluminum composite pipe, aluminum plastic board, leftover and pieces of aluminum plastic board, etc.

Raw materialsRaw materials

Technical parameter of aluminum plastic recycling machine:

Technical parameter of aluminum foil recycling machineTechnical parameter of aluminum foil recycling machine

As a manufacturer with over 13 years of experience in waste recycling machinery manufacturing, we have exported machines to over 50 countries with positive feedback. Our professional engineer team and salesmen can provide better suggestions to deal with your concerns. If you are interested in aluminum plastic recycling business, please contact us.

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