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Aluminum composite panel (ACP) separating machine

Aluminum plastic panel (ACP) separating machine is a complete process recycling production line that uses mechanical crushing and separation technology to separate aluminum powder and plastic powder from aluminum composite panels.

Working principle of aluminum composite panels (ACP) separating machine:

The degree of crushing of aluminum composite panels will affect subsequent separation. Therefore, waste aluminum composite panels will undergo two broken processes: crushing and grinding. Equipped with a circulating water cooling system to prevent the plastic from melting or discoloring during grinding due to excessive temperature after long-term operation of the equipment. And An eddy vibrating screen can control the size of powder. Subsequently, the mixed powder will be separated by electronic separator, which uses the different charging properties of metals and non-metals to separate aluminum and plastic. Aluminum and plastics with purity up to 99% are obtained.

Aluminum composite panel (ACP) separating machineAluminum composite panel (ACP) separating machine

This is a 3D animated video made by our company's engineers, which shows the details and workflow of the aluminum composite panel from all aspects and angles.

The usage of the separated aluminum and plastic:

The separation rate of aluminum and plastic could reach 99%, which the recycled aluminum could be directly used for smelting aluminum ingots, or directly used in aluminum powder factory, fireworks plant and aluminum plant, while the separated plastic cab be used to make plastic sheets, tubes, packages and water pipes. This makes the aluminum plastic separation business has a big potential market. Here is a profit analysis for reference.

Profit analysisProfit Analysis

The advantages of aluminum composite panel (ACP) separating machine:

1.Aluminum composite panel (ACP) separating machine adopts totally dry type and physical separation method, no water, no fire, no chemical, completely environmental friendly.

2.Electrical separation efficiency is as high as 99.9%, finished products can be directly put on the market.

3.With PLC control system, only manual feeding is required during the processing.

4.The dust generated during will collected by pulse dust collector, which make the site clean.

5.High efficiency, simple operation, saving time and labor.

6.Stable and reliable performance, and long service life.

Aluminum composite panel separating machineAluminum composite panel separating machine

Market prospect of aluminum composite panels (ACP) recycling business:

As an important material widely used in the construction field, aluminum composite panels have high economic value and market potential. With economic development and the improvement of environmental awareness, people's demand for recyclable resources is growing day by day, and the aluminum composite panels recycling business therefore has broad development prospects.

Secondly, the recycling cost of aluminum composite panels is relatively low. These panels can be reprocessed and reused after recycling, which can reduce the waste of resources. At the same time, the recycling of aluminum composite panels can also bring certain economic benefits, because the recycled aluminum and plastic can be sold again or used in other production areas.

Except for aluminum composite panels, DOING aluminum composite panel (ACP) separating machine can also process other aluminum plastic composite materials, like medical blister, aluminum plastic foil, aluminum plastic food bags, toothpaste tubes, etc. If you are interested and would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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