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Pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling machine is used to recycle and separate aluminum and plastic by process used pharmaceutical packaging and medical blister.

The pharmaceutical packaging material recycling machine adopts mechanical crushing and physical separation technology to achieve complete simultaneous separation and recycling of aluminum metal and plastic powder.

This is a 3D animated video of pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling machine, you can combine the following description to understand the working principle of this machine.

The used pharmaceutical packaging materials enter the crusher through the conveyor belt and are processed into small pieces through the crusher. The pieces materials enter the grinder (miller) to grind into powder. Then the bucket-lift feeder transports the aluminum plastic mixture to the electrostatic separator, which can separate the aluminum and plastic powder with high separation rate. All dust generated during the processing is collected by the pulse dust collector.

Final products Final products

Since the purity of the separated aluminum powder is relatively high, it can be sold directly to aluminum recycling plants and fireworks and firecracker factories. In addition, PVC powder can also be sold on the market as reprocessed materials. Here we can find that the business of recycling used pharmaceutical packaging materials is very promising. Below is the profit analysis we made for our clients before, you can refer to it.

Profit analysisProfit analysis

Technical Features of pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling machine:  

1. High automation program, simple operation and stable performance;

2. The separation efficiency of electrostatic-selection is up to 99%, and the final products can be sold directly;

3. No wastewater discharge, real green environmental sorting, no secondary pollution;

4. low power consumption, low noise, small footprint, no dust pollution;

5. Wide range of sorting materials, fast sorting speed;

6. The pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling machine adopts water-cooled turbine grinder(mill), which make the material separation cleaner and adapt to a wider variety of materials.

Pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling machinePharmaceutical packaging materials recycling machine

Application Areas of pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling machine:

Except pharmaceutical packaging materials, this pharmaceutical packaging materials recycling machine can also process aluminum plastic panels, waste plastic aluminum foil, toothpaste tubes, various aluminum plates, waste aluminum plastic food bags, milk bag, yogurt aluminum foil sealing cover, bottleneck aluminum foil cover, aseptic aluminum foil cover waste, circuit board, aluminum laminate, aluminum composite tube, etc.

So if you are interested in aluminum and plastic recycling business, please consider DOING. We have professional engineer team and sales managers can give you suitable scheme according to your materials and requirements.

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