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A customer from China ordered an aluminum plastic separator machine from Henan DOING Company

Good news! On November 1, 2023, a Chinese customer successfully purchased a 400-500kg/h aluminum plastic separator machine from Henan DOING!

The Chinese customer is engaged in plastic granulation business, Which aluminum plastic film is one of its raw materials. While, our aluminum plastic separator machine can separate the plastic from aluminum plastic films for customers' subsequent granulation operations.

aluminum plastic separator machineCustomer test machine site

When selecting the suitable aluminum plastic separator machine, the Chinese customer was most concerned about the overall strength of the manufacturer and the quality of aluminum plastic separator machine. So after receiving the inquiry from the Chinese customer, DOING sales manager introduced our company to customer, including the sales team, engineering team, marketing team, etc. Besides, our sales manager also invited the customer to our factory to test the separation rate of aluminum plastic separator machine. Of course, the final result didn't disappoint the customer, who purchased aluminum plastic separator machine from our DOING company.

DOING is a comprehensive aluminum plastic separator machine manufacturer, apart from the aluminum plastic separator machine, DOING also has e waste recycling machines for your reference: cable wire recycling machine, PCB recycling machine, radiator recycling machine, lithium battery recycling machine, etc. If you are interested in aluminum plastic separator machine, welcome to contact us directly!

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