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A customer from China purchased 200-300kg/h e-waste PCB recycling plant from Henan DOING

1. Transaction machine:

e-waste PCB recycling plantE-waste PCB recycling plant

On October 24, 2023, a Chinses customer ordered a 200-300kg/h e-waste PCB recycling plant from Henan Doing Company. This set e-waste PCB recycling plant is mainly used to process waste circuit boards to separate the precious metals out, which is composed of shredder, crusher, eddy-vibrating screen, air separator, electrostatic separator and dust collecting system.

2. Information of customer:

This Chinese customer is from Heilongjiang in northeast China, which is mainly working as pcb recycling industry. He knows a lot about this industry, and his main concerns are the quality and separation effect of the machine, as well as the strength of the manufacturers, so he inspected many e-waste PCB recycling plant manufacturers, of course, including Henan Doing.

3. Visiting details:

On June 30, Chinese customer visited Henan Doing Factory at the first time. In factory, our sales manager introduced our CNC plasma cutting machines, automatic submerged arc welding machine and various lathe series machining equipment, moreover, operated e-waste PCB recycling plant on site, allowing customer to more intuitively understanding the sorting effect of PCB recycling machine. The customer was very satisfied with our e-waste PCB recycling plant.

e-waste PCB recycling plantCustomer photo in factory

On October 19, This customer visited our company for the second time. This time, our sales manager was still received him professionally and patiently, and proposed a professional solution for the customer's raw materials. In the end, Chinese customer paid the full price on the spot and purchased our e-waste PCB recycling plant.

At present, Doing factory has received e-waste PCB recycling plant orders from Heilongjiang customers and is currently in production. More follow-up information about Heilongjiang e-waste PCB recycling plant, stay tuned!

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