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PCBs are found in almost every electronic device, acting as the backbone of the device's functionality. As the obsolescence of electronics is accelerating, the presence of valuable metals makes PCB recycling an economically viable and environmentally friendly option.

It is important to note that PCB recycling is a complex and specialized process that requires advanced technology and expertise. Therefore, it is essential to rely on certified and reputable E waste PCB board recycling system to ensure proper handling and disposal of electronic waste. But how does it work? In this article, we will explore the process and principle of Doing E waste PCB board recycling system.

 E waste PCB board recycling system E waste PCB board recycling system

Doing E waste PCB recycling system is consist of PCB dismantling machine and PCB boards crushing and separating machine. Raw materials can be process by E waste recycling system include various waste circuit boards, copper clad laminates, circuit boards, computer boards, TV boards, printed circuit boards, various waste electrical appliances motherboards, and processing waste.

 E waste PCB board recycling systemVarious waste electronic boards

PCB dismantling machine is mainly used to dismantle the electronic components from waste PCB boards of computer, cell phone and other electric appliance. It is worth suggesting that this process will destroy the data on the board and prevent information leakage. That is why many buyers who want to destroy data are interested.

Normally the electronic components are connected to the PCB boards by soldering tin, and the tin will become soft by heating. So when the temperature reaches 180-200 degrees Celsius, the tin melts and the electronic component automatically falls off. The furnace body in the machine rotates, and the electronic components fall on the vibrating screen. Electronic components and bare boards are sieved by the collision. Tin will remain in the tin bath. The electronic components can be reused or sold directly after the classification, and the bare boards can be subsequently process.

PCB dismantling machinePCB dismantling machine

Doing PCB boards crushing and separating machine contains a shredder, crushers, eddy-vibrating screen, air separator and electrostatic separator, pulse dust collection. The shredder and crusher crush the PCB boards into smaller pieces to facilitate further separation of materials. The quantity of crusher and shredder is optional. For some PCB boards, it also need to add a magnetic separator to remove iron which will affect the price of mixed metals. Eddy-vibrating screen is used to control the size of metal and plastic under 20 mesh, and the screen can be customized by your requirements. If the size of pieces is over screen, it goes back to the crusher where it gets crushed again until it reach the proper size.

The working line of E waste PCB board recycling systemThe working line of E waste PCB board recycling system

The air separator separates mixed metals according to the different gravity of metal and non-metal. If the customer does not want to have too much loss and wants to improve the separation rate, it is suggested to add electrostatic separator. Electrostatic separator is mainly based on the different charged properties of metal and non-metal to separate metal and resin and fiber. The machine adopts air separation and electrostatic separation process, the metal recovery rate is up to 99%.

Electrostatic separatorElectrostatic separator

During all process, there is no fire, no water pollution, no chemical to use, totally environmental friendly. Just has some dust, we have pulse dust removal to collect dust, and the collection rate can get more than 99.5%. Besides, we have capacities range from 100kg/h to 2T/H, you can choose the proper capacity of E waste PCB recycling system according your budget and business scale.

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