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One set 200-300kg/h PCB recycling machine was delivered to Heilongjiang, China

On December 28, 2023, a set of 200-300kg/h PCB recycling machine was delivered from DOING to Heilongjiang, China on time.

From the picture we can see that this set of 200-300 PCB recycling machine has been loaded on the truck and firmly fixed to facilitate transportation and prevent collision damage. Soon this set of 200-300kg/h PCB recycling machine will arrive at our Heilongjiang customer's factory site.

Delivery PictureDelivery Picture

For more than ten years, Henan Doing has adhered to excellent production standards and conducted strict quality control and performance optimization testing on every machine. After the PCB recycling machine is installed and commissioned, it will be officially put into use.

Our PCB recycling machine adopts environmentally friendly process technology to separate and recover metals and non-metals from waste PCB boards. It can process various waste circuit boards such as computer boards, TV boards, printed circuit boards, copper-clad boards, etc. If you want to further extract high-priced metals, such as gold, silver, etc., we also provide corresponding equipment.

PCB recycling machinePCB recycling machine

Henan Doing will continue to be committed to providing products and services that exceed expectations for global users. If you are interested in waste recycling business, welcome to contact us, we provide professional advice, guidance and services!

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