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AC radiator recycling line adopts dry physical sorting technology. Through crushing, air separation, magnetic separation and other processes, it can efficiently recycle aluminum, copper and iron in waste radiators to achieve the purpose of saving resources and reducing energy consumption.


Compared with radiator stripping machine, the AC radiator recycling line does not have many restrictions on the input materials. Flat radiators, single or multi-layer radiators, damaged or deformed radiators, refrigerator crushed materials, car water tanks and condensers can be processed directly. Sorting out of copper, aluminum, iron purity over 99%.

Raw materialsRaw materials

Final Product:

The copper and aluminum separated from waste radiators can be used for a variety of purposes, including remanufacturing radiators, metal recycling, construction materials, manufacturing automotive parts and electronic equipment manufacturing. Because copper and aluminum are two relatively common and valuable metals, recycling radiators can bring a considerable profit. Here is a profit analysis we have made before, which can give you some reference.

Profit analysisProfit analysis


1.Adopt totally dry type and physical separation method, no water, no fire, no chemical, completely environmental friendly.

2.The separation efficiency is as high as 99%, finished products can be directly put on the market.

3.With PLC control system, easy and stable operation, and long service life.

4.Wide range of sorting materials, fast sorting speed.

5.High efficiency, saving labor and cost.

6.Low noise, the noise is not more than 85db.

AC radiator recycling lineAC radiator recycling line

Machine Details:

1.Double-shaft shredder

Double-shaft shredder is mainly used for the shredding of waste rubber tire, electrical appliances, circuit boards, medical waste, wires and cables etc. It has the advantages of low rotate speed, high pulling torque, low noise, large capacity and even discharge size. Besides, the blade claw, diameter and thickness could be customized according to input material and discharge size.

Double-shaft shredderDouble-shaft shredder

2.Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator is one kind of magnetic separator commonly used in metal separation machinery. It's consist of high-performance permanent magnetic core, abandoned iron belt, gear motor, frame and roller. The magnetic separator is mainly used with belt conveyor, so it's also called belt type magnetic separator to remove iron, with sorting rate of 99%.

3.Air separator

Air separator has the advantages of simple and compact structure, high separation accuracy and fineness, wide separation range between 50-200mesh. Using air separation, which improve the sorting accuracy.

Technical Parameter:

Capacity(kg/h)Overall DimensionPower (Kw)Weight (Kg)Recovery Rate
500kg/h16000*6500*4500mm103Kw7500Kg ≧99%

Project Cases:

Henan Doing is a professional machinery manufacturer specializing in e-waste and solid waste recycling machine, and our machine have been exported to more than thirty countries. The following are some project cases for reference and can give you some suggestions.

[2-3t/h radiator crushing and separating machine project was successfully put into production in India]

[Thailand Client ordered a 500kg/h AC radiator recycling machine from DOING Company]

If you are interested and want to know more details about AC radiator recycling line, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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