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Commercial scale radiator recycling plant is different from the general radiator recycling plant on the market, which was designed for processing and recycling various radiators such as air conditioners, automobiles, condenser and water tanks, etc.

The whole processing line of commercial scale radiator recycling plant adopts dry type physical crushing and separation technology. It can recycling aluminum, copper and iron from waste radiators efficiently by shredding, crushing, air separation and magnetic separation process. This commercial scale radiator recycling plant has no much limit for the input materials, any damaged or deformed radiators and refrigerator crushed material could be directly processed.

The main parts of commercial scale radiator recycling plant:

Commercial scale radiator recycling plantCommercial scale radiator recycling plant

1. Shredder (double shaft shredder)

Scrap radiators will be shredding into to 10-20mm pieces firstly after feeding, then the crushed material is transported by the conveyor to the second crusher. Double shaft shredder has been proved to be the most efficient machine for metal recycling. Because the blade of the double shaft shredder adopts alloy plate blade, which has good hardness, high toughness, wear resistance and durability.

2. Secondary crusher

After the materials of 10-20mm are transported to the crusher, they are broken into smaller pieces by the crusher.

3.Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator is mainly used to remove iron in the materials crushed, so that copper and aluminum can be separated easily.

4.Air Separator

To separate copper pieces from aluminum pieces, air separator plays an important role. Air separator, taking advantage of the air suspension principle to make different materials with different gravity layered at first, then separating the materials through the friction of screen surface and the inclining flow of materials self-weight.

5. Pulse dust collector

Effectively collect the dust generated in the production process and ensure a clean working environment.

Profit analysis of commercial scale radiator recycling plant:

Due to the high cost of mining, the profits of the scrap metal recycling industry are still relatively promising. Therefore, the commercial scale radiator recycling plant with high separation rate can really bring more considerable profit. Here is a profit analysis we have made before, for reference only.

Profit analysisProfit analysis

Technical parameter:

Capacity(kg/h)Overall DimensionPower (Kw)Weight (Kg)Recovery Rate
     500kg/h16000*6500*4500mm   103Kw  7500Kg     ≧99%
    1000kg/h20000*8000*4500mm   165Kw  12000Kg
    2000kg/h26000*20000*5000mm   305Kw  20000Kg

Why choose DOING commercial scale radiator recycling plant ?

1.We adopt shredder and crusher to reduce the entanglement of crushed materials, thereby improving recycling efficiency.

2.The primary shredding adopts large torque double shaft shredder, both the blades and shaft are alloy material with special treatment, firm and durable.

3.Safe and reliable structure, strong processing capacity, stable operation.

4.Using air separation, which improve the sorting accuracy. Sorting out of copper, aluminum, iron purity over 99%.

5.Due to the high separation rate of the machine, it can save a lot of staffing.

DOING Company is an expert in the field of solid waste recycling especially metal recycling. We can provide a complete set of solutions, including waste cable recycling, waste circuit board recycling, metal and non-metal crushing and sorting, mixed plastic recycling, etc. If you have any need of our machine, feel free to contact us.

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