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Application scope of medical blister packs recycling machine:

Medical blister packs recycling machine is mainly suitable for recycling aluminium blister foil, medicine blisters, capsule pack, medicine pack, pill blister medicine board, tablet blister packaging, medical blister packs, and other aluminum plastic compound plastic flexible packaging to get pure aluminum and plastic powder.

medical blister packs recycling machine Waste medical blister packs and the pure aluminum & plastic powder

Specification of medical blister packs recycling machine:

Capacity (Kg/h) Overall Dimension Power (Kw) Weight (Kg) Recovery Rate
200-300kg/h 8500*4500*4200mm 94kw 6800kg ≥99%
300-400kg/h 9500*5000*4200mm 135kw 7600kg
500-600kg/h 11500*6500*4200mm 316kw 12600kg
800-1000kg/h 16000*9000*4200mm 483kw 13500kg

The advantages of DOING medical blister packs recycling machine:

1. Fully automatic: the entire process is controlled by PLC system, and multi-machine cooperation is completed at once. The operation of medical blister packs recycling machine is simple, safe and easy to operate. The entire production process requires only one or two workers to operate.

2. The medical blister packs recycling machine adopts special latest technology. Such as crushing and grinding treatment and water cooling system. Equipped with water cooling circulation system to avoid plastic melting due to excessive temperature during grinding, thus ensuring the performance of aluminum and plastic.

3. Without using water and any chemical raw materials, it will not cause secondary pollution. Pulse dust collection can collect the dust generated in the production process, which helps to ensure a clean working environment.

medical blister packs recycling machineAdvantages of DOING medical blister packs recycling machine

4. The use of high-voltage electrostatic separator can ensure the purity of aluminum powder and plastic, and the separation rate can reach 99.99%.

5. As a medial blister packs recycling machine manufacturer, all equipment is ex-factory price, no traders can make intermediate profits, and the price is lower than the equipment on the market.

Modern medicine has promoted the prosperity and development of capsule manufacturers and the medical industry, and at the same time, a large amount of medical waste has been generated. How to recycle waste medicine boards to profit from them is also a topic of increasing concern. The medical blister packs recycling machine we provide you will be the best choice. If necessary, you can contact us.


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