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Aluminum plastic recycling plant can process waste aluminum-plastic composite materials to get aluminum and plastic for reuse. The recycled aluminum and plastics are powder and can be sold directly on the market at a high price.

Application scope of aluminum plastic recycling plant:

Waste aluminum plastic materials and waste aluminum foil comes from the corner waste of pharmaceutical factories, aluminum plastic plate factories, food and beverage factories and other aluminum foil packaging industries, waste flexible packaging bags, capsule plates, toothpaste skin, wahaha bottles, etc.

aluminum plastic recycling plant Aluminum plastic composite materials

Production process of aluminum plastic recycling plant:

Aluminum and plastic can be completely separated from waste aluminum-plastic materials after crushing, grinding, eddy-vibrating screen and electrostatic separation. With the use of high-voltage electrostatic separator, the separation rate can reach 99.9%, both the aluminum and plastic is very pure.

aluminum plastic recycling machineWorking process of aluminum plastic recycling plant

Products separated by aluminum plastic recycling plant:

The separated aluminum powder can be used for smelting aluminum ingots, and aluminum powder is also the first-class raw material for silver powder factories, fireworks factories, and aluminum factories. According to our investigation, at present, this product is in short supply and the market potential is huge. Plastic granules can be compressed, made into tubes and used for packaging and water pipelines.

aluminum plastic recycling machineThe separated aluminum and plastic

Features of aluminum plastic recycling plant:

In the production process of DOING aluminum plastic recycling plant, water cooling system are added to solve the problem that the waste material is not completely separated from non-metals due to excessive temperature during the grinding process. In addition, dust would be collected by pulse dust collector during the production process, thus to keep clean working environment.

DOING aluminum plastic recycling plant completely adopts dry physical separation method, without any pollution to the environment, it is the best choice for aluminum-plastic recycling business.


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