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Aluminum plastic separation machine


Aluminum plastic separation machine

Aluminum plastic separation machine

Aluminum plastic separation machine refers to equipment for separating and recycling aluminum and plastic in aluminum-plastic composite materials. The aluminum plastic separation machine completely adopts dry physical separation, which does not cause secondary environmental pollution and has good social and economic benefits.

aluminum plastic separation machine Aluminum-plastic composite materials

Source of aluminum-plastic composite materials:

Waste aluminum plastic, waste aluminum foil plastic comes from the corner scraps of pharmaceutical factories, aluminum plastic plate factories, food and beverage factories and other aluminum foil packaging industries, waste flexible packaging bags, medical blister packs, toothpaste tubes, wahaha bottles, etc. According to statistics, there are thousands of domestic enterprises that produce and use aluminum foil, of which tens of thousands of tons of aluminum-plastic sheet scrap are produced every year by pharmaceutical companies alone.

aluminum plastic separation machine Aluminum plastic separation machine

Production process of aluminum plastic separation machine:

The aluminum plastic separation process includes crushing, grinding, water cooling, rotary vibrating screen, and electrostatic separation. The crushing and grinding system is provided with a circulating water cooling device, and the plastic does not melt and does not change color during the crushing process. The aluminum plastic separation machine is equipped with a pulse dust removal system. The entire production process is free of water, smoke, and dust pollution, which meets the requirements of national environmental protection policies. The high-voltage electrostatic separator can extract fine aluminum powder and aluminum particles with a purity of more than 99%, ensuring the purity of aluminum and plastic, and easily achieving the dual recycling of aluminum and plastic.

aluminum plastic separation machine The process of aluminum plastic separation machine

In which industries are the separated aluminum and plastic used:

The separated aluminum powder can be sold directly in the market or used in the machinery and construction industries. Aluminium and plastics are used for a wide range of applications, so there is no need to worry about sales.

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