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Working video of DY-600 waste cable wire granulator in China

This video shows the whole working video of DY-600 waste cable wire granulator in Chinese customer's factory. This video can be divided into two parts. The first part uses this waste cable wire granulator to process waste copper wires to recover copper and plastic. The second part is processing aluminum wire to recycle aluminum and plastic. Here we can see that the metal separated by the waste cable granulator is very pure, and no metal can be seen in the plastic particles, which can bring good profits to customer.

Waste cable and wire Waste cable and wire

The situation of this customer is complicated. The raw materials he collected are copper wires and aluminum wires. At the beginning, he wanted to process aluminum wires and copper wires together. But the waste cable wire granulator only can separated two different products. If all the waste wires are mixed, the products will be a mixed metal of copper and aluminum, which will affect the selling price and reduce the profit.

Waste cable wire granulatorWaste cable wire granulator

Since the copper wires and aluminum wires collected by the customer are separated and the raw materials are relatively stable, it is more appropriate to choose a DY-600 waste cable wire granulator with a capacity of 200-300kg/h to process them separately.

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