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Loading video of China customer-customized copper wire recycling machine

This video shows the loading video of the DY-600 copper wire recycling machine customized by a customer in Shanxi, China. In the video, we can see that our workers move the components of the copper wire recycling machine to the car with the help of a crane. Our workers are very experienced and will fix the machine to prevent friction and collision.

DY-600 copper wire recycling machineDY-600 copper wire recycling machine

Our copper wire recycling machine adopts an integrated design structure, which occupies a small area. You can install it yourself according to our markings and installation guides, or you can choose our engineers to guide the installation on site.

The customer's raw materials are relatively complex. For example, there are many types of wires and the wire diameters vary greatly. Our engineers and sales staff provided him with a satisfactory solution based on his requirements and raw materials. We recommend DY-600 copper wire recycling machine plus electrostatic separation. This configuration of copper wire recycling machine can not only improve the sorting effect and reduce losses, but also facilitate the subsequent expansion of business scale.

Waste wire and cableWaste wire and cable

Henan Doing Company is specialized in waste recycling machine more than thirteen years, and we have own high qualified engineer team. If you are interested and want to know more information about copper wire recycling machine. Please contact us, and we will give you our best support.

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