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Operation video of small scale PCB board recycling machine in Indian customer's factory

This video shows the running video of small scale PCB recycling machine in India customer's factory. The video cover is what the PCB board recycling machine looks like after all the components are installed. Here, we can see that the footprint of this DY-400 PCB board recycling machine is small due to its reasonable and compact design.

Small scale PCB recycling machineSmall scale PCB recycling machine

The Indian customer has 25 years of experience in the recycling business and he feels that PCB recycling is a good business. After inspecting our factory and PCB board recycling machine, he decided to purchase one set PCB board recycling machine from DOING Company.

DOING PCB board recycling machine is an environmentally friendly machine that can process all kinds of waste PCB boards, copper-clad boards, mobile phone PCB boards, computer PCB boards, TV PCB boards, etc., and separate metal and resin fibers with 99% separation rate. The India customer is very satisfied with our PCB board recycling machine, and it also can be seen from the video that the purity of the separated metal is very high.

Advantages of PCB board recycling machine Advantages of PCB board recycling machine

Due to this good cooperation and comprehensive after-sales service, we have established a relatively close relationship. He said that he would give priority to our products when purchasing other recycling equipment in the future.

If you are intrigued and would like to obtain further information about PCB board recycling machine or other recycling equipment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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