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Hong Kong waste circuit board recycling machine working video

This video shows us a working video of a waste circuit board recycling machine in Hong Kong customer's factory.

From this video, we can see the separating result: there is no resin fiber in metals. The Hong Kong customer is mainly to process waste computer motherboards with electronic components. By using waste circuit board recycling machine, he can get precious metals for profit.

Moreover, we can get a brief understanding of the structure of waste circuit board recycling machine.

1. Shredder - Shredder is used to shred waste circuit boards into small pieces;

2. Hammerhead crusher/Hammer crusher - Crush the small pieces into small particles;

waste circuit board recycling machineWaste circuit board recycling machine structure

3. Eddy-vibrating screen - To control the size of particles and sent bigger particles back to crusher for further crushing;

4. Air separator - Taking advantages of the different density of metals and non-metals, air separator can separate metals and resin fiber;

5. Electrostatic separator - In order to get purer metals, electrostatic separator is used to separate the metals in the resin fiber according to the conductivity.

Waste circuit board recycling machine has different capacity and configuration. Welcome to contact us to get suitable solution, if you need a waste circuit board recycling machine.

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